Elite Mindset Program

Working with me 1-1 is a unique experience and one that can rapidly change your life.

This is my top tier program, 

I’m not interested in your problems but I am interested in finding solutions to supercharge your life.

I will  give you the necessary tools while you learn the SKILLS that are essential for you to step up and fucking thrive both mentally and physically.

You will have the opportunity to craft the life you want, I am willing to stand SHOULDER TO SHOULDER with you and cut through the shit in front of you.

My team and I will show you how to DISSOLVE THE HABIT of Cocaine and other vices in 4-6 weeks when you show up with a solid attitude.

You will ACHIEVE this by learning then applying the skills over and over until NEW SUCCESSFUL HABITS are formed.

When the unwanted habits are firmly put behind you, our FOCUS is solely on making you a fucking person to be respected through the ACTIONS you take daily.

A person to be admired and revered by others,

A person who puts their personal, family and career success over EXCUSES.

You will build MOMENTUM quickly, as your momentum builds your confidence will be simmering and building, now you are living by design while achieving daily by stacking up wins.

Manning up requires you to be fully transparent and a person who can give themselves an honest review is a person who is primed to SUCCEED!!

Remain a coked up little bitch or MAN THE FUCK UP and claim what is your birthright.

Member Testimonials


The outcome of working with me is you THINKING CLEARLY, accurately, been SOLUTION FOCUSED and achieving wealth in the key areas of your life including…

Your finances, relationships, physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing.

Here are the program details, do not apply if you’re not willing to INVEST your time, finances, energy, commitment and show up with a solid attitude.

This program isn’t for everyone but it is for the person who is FED UP of living below the standard they know they are capable of.

A persons biggest regret is looking back on thier life knowing they pissed thier life away  and knowing they had such POTENTIAL but never tapped into or experienced themselves at their very best.

1-1 Coaching Details

Join me and our worldwide community of high achievers by stepping the FUCK up today by getting your results in motion.

There is a reason the top CEOs, Hollywood actors and people who want to EXCEL invest in coaching >>> It multiplies their results ten times faster than doing it alone.

Our spaces are LIMITED for this program, so only apply if you are a serious person and want to excel in life. 

To apply, click the link below and one of my team will be in touch.