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I’m Derek Rowe, founder of DROWE Method. Together, we will do what it takes, so you can be the absolute best version of yourself mentally & physically.

In today’s modern society, people lose focus on what’s important to be happy and successful. They indulge in internal & external vices that hold them back from living the life they want.

They choose instant gratification over long-term happiness and success.

I built this website as your guide to stepping up and claiming what’s yours. Being the best individual you can be, excelling in all areas of life.

Together, we will stand shoulder to shoulder by taking the right daily actions that enhance your life.

If you are here to be your best, I welcome you with OPEN ARMS, together let's show everyone what you're made of.

I share Methods that; when applied, will Transform your life.

No more Bullshit excuses, break free from any mental
barriers by dissolving the habit of COCAINE and other unwanted vices

Most people never accept responsibility for WHY their life is not where they want it to be.

Join me to experience what it feels like to be performing at your highest standard by doing the daily work, and creating well-formed successful habits that make a huge positive impact in your life.

There is NO SECRET, if you want to know what works, I have the ANSWERS you are looking for.

It’s the daily steps that build momentum. The daily steps that build confidence. The Daily steps that compound day after day, leading YOU to fulfill your life’s ambitions through non-negotiable daily action steps that are simple to follow.

By using a simple formula to break down any goal into daily actionable steps, making it easier to achieve everything you want. We will use the POWER OF FOCUS to supercharge your productivity, stacking up win after win.

Externally we cannot control anything, the most important part is CULTIVATING an internal environment that sets you up for long term success.

We will work on DISSOLVING the unwanted habit of Cocaine and other vices while crafting new beliefs within, that will deliver success to you by replacing it with STRONG BELIEFS that produce the results you want.

Cultivating the right internal dialogue is another essential component to your success. By combining it all together and using these methods, they produce the results you want. Putting your focus and energy behind every action you take creates an invincibility factor, a feeling that makes you UNSTOPPABLE.

Our only Goal is YOUR SUCCESS

I’m Derek Rowe, I lead people on a journey of self-development that guides them to claiming what is their fucking birthright!!

They step into their best version of themselves by using the DROWE METHOD to fulfil their life’s ambitions through breaking down and dissolving the habit of Cocaine and other vices by creating PURPOSE in their lives, over pleasure seeking through substances.

We will work on creating outcomes for every part of your life then break them down into DAILY ACTION STEPS, delivering the results you want. The Daily Wins compound into a high-performing person who sets high standards for themselves by achieving what they said they would. This has a PROFOUND EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE as you will be operating at peak mental and physical levels.

The person who keeps their word BY connecting it to their daily action steps WINS. You do this by forming successful habits achieved through mental work blended with fitness for a unique experience.

You have the greatest opportunity of LIFE itself, use your time to develop and master the necessary skills to be your absolute best.

JUST CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and choose the path you want to take to become the best version of yourself. My mission is to support you in the best way possible to help you reach your full potential.